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[Discontinued] AIAIAI TMA-1

Availability: DISCONTINUED

Regular Price: $249.00

Special Price: $199.00

Regular Price: $249.00

Special Price: $199.00


Professional DJ Headphones, Matte Black Finish, Cable Lock


Offering professional-quality performance with a modern appeal, AIAIAI’s flagship TMA-1 has been proven on stage and
in the studio by the world’s most demanding DJs and DJ/producers. It combines award-winning design and acoustics
with a highly functional build, resulting in a no-nonsense professional product. Within a year of its debut, the TMA-1
became the best-selling professional DJ headphone in Europe. It quickly generated an international underground
following among the most credible DJs and their extended network of music producers.


  • Titanium, High-performance Drivers—dynamic, 40mm titanium drivers deliver clear and accurate sound
  • Interchangeable Earpads—choose between regular or noise-isolating pads, both designed specifically for DJs
  • Adjustable Cups—easily change the position of the cups for the perfect headphone fit
  • Cable Lock—the headphone cable locks securely in place, preventing accidental disconnection
  • Plug Adaptor—makes it easy to change between 3.5-mm and larger 1/4-in input



Pronounced “eye-eye-eye,” AIAIAI is a Danish audio design company dedicated to developing high-quality audio products for
music professionals. Contributing to Denmark’s worldwide reputation as leaders in acoustic and electro-acoustic design
and engineering, AIAIAI creates modern, minimalist headphones and earphones with clear, amplified sound. Built around a
network of renowned industrial designers, audio technicians, and leading DJs and producers, AIAIAI boasts a unique and
highly collaborative product development process, resulting in high-performance audio products that deliver value far beyond trend-driven aesthetics.

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