[Roundup] The 5 Dopest Turntablist Videos of 2012

If you’ve been following the biggest online beat-mixing competition this year, you’ve already seen all the best turntablist videos of 2012. Wait – scratch that. You haven’t.

The winners of the first two rounds of the DMC 2012 Online Championship were announced earlier this year, but that doesn’t mean you’re allowed to stop looking for your scratching and beat-matching YouTube fix. You’re in luck, because we scrapped together the Dopest Turntabling Videos of 2012 that you haven’t seen.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy a little beat juggling – we’ve got the hard part out of the way for you. Maybe you’ll find some new favorite DJs or pick up a few tricks along the way.

#1: Red Bull Thre3style Skratch Bastid Taiwan 2012

Skratch Bastid (yes, the DJ who frequently samples the Imperial Death March) gives you 14-minutes of beat-matching, complete with both new music and throwbacks to The Jackson 5, Whitney Houston, and Harry Belafonte.

This vid is from Red Bull’s Thre3style Competition, which crowns champions from 18 different countries who then go on to compete in the world finals. 2012’s meeting of the DJs will be held in Chicago, IL. Competing turntablists get 15 minutes on two decks and are required to include at least three different genres. The judges look for DJs that are innovative, can get people on the dance floor, and can bring the house down.  You can hear the screams from the crowd in the background noise of this video, but you can’t see the audience. It doesn’t matter – Scratch Bastid looks like he’s having so much fun, it makes you want to get up and dance anyway, or at least smile through the transitions along with him.

#2 King B and Tha Cutt

Tha Cutt recently took the Thre3style South Africa title for 2012, meaning he’ll be in Chicago for the finals later this year. For this video, just bear with the interruptions from the Balcony TV interviewer to hear some dope beats in between. Tha Cutt mixes “technical might with party-rocking prowess,” says Red Bull Thre3style’s website. This is the second time he’s garnered the South Africa title, winning over the dance affections of a sold-out crowd.

#3: DJ Bee at Seven Cities Summerfest

This Philly-based turntablist cuts with Presto from the Flying Ginzu Brothers. This super high-quality video is only 1:40, so you’ll want to watch it a few times to hear those scratches over and over. He hasn’t won any titles yet, but he’s got a slew of radio shows on the Virginia airwaves.

And have you seen…


Japanese bike-sharing company COOGOO released this video in May, revealing a unique mashup: part mix table, part bike. It’s called the Turntable Rider, and the motion controls the music: the wheels are jog wheels and the handbrakes, soundpads. Scratching becomes riding. Motion becomes sound. Your mind becomes blown.

So, what did we miss? Add to our roundup – share your favorite turntablist videos with us and tell us why they’re the dopest of 2012.

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How to Get a Crapload More Visits to
Your DJ Website in 60 Seconds
…and Help Us Out at the Same Time!

This Sucks. Let's Scratch Each Other's Backs.
This Sucks.
Let’s Scratch Each Other’s Backs.

I have bad news and good news.

The bad news: It will take you 3-5 minutes to read this blog post.

The good news: If you’re smart enough to “copy” and “paste,”  it will take you 60 seconds to do what I recommend here.

A Quick Lesson on Getting Exposure for your DJ Website

(If you don’t care about this, skip down to “How we Can Help Each Other Out,” below)

Note: This is advice that I get paid good money for, so listen up because I’m spilling the beans here for free!

“How do I Get More Visitors?”

This is one of the biggest questions DJs and music bloggers that have invested time and money into a website ask.

Good question.

People get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to answer it for companies every year. But I know you’re on a tighter budget, so I’m going to break it down for you really simply.

You Want Your Website to Show Up in Search Engines When People Search For Relevant Terms

It doesn’t cost anything to be listed in Google. The only issue is, you might be 1 of 19,000,000 pages listed for the term “Chicago DJ”, and most searchers never get past the 10th result.

Translation: You’re Screwed.

So how do you move up in the rankings for a particular term?

There are 2 pieces to the puzzle.

1. Relevance

If you’re trying to rank for “Chicago DJ,” Google needs to be able to tell that that’s what your site is about. The same applies to “Drum and Bass mixtapes” or “Roc Raida Tribute Mix,” or any term you could want to rank for.

Here are some of the best ways to make sure Google ranks you for “Turntable Executioner” instead of “Barney the Purple Dinosaur.”

  • Bold or Italicize the term in your writing. (You’ll notice we do this a lot for Rane Serato at The DJ Hookup)
  • Include it in image file names & captions
  • Put the term in your titles and headings (Nerd Note: I’m referring to <title>, <h1>, <h2>, tags in your HTML.)

2. Authority

Once Google understand what your site is about, it needs to figure out why it should rank you above others. And this my friend, is the secret sauce.

There is a huge industry that thrives off of overcomplicating this information, so here is the real deal.

As long as you do what I said in the Relevance section (above), you can rank well even if your site was written by a 3rd grader and designed by a blind person. Google can’t tell the difference if your site content is worthy of a Pulitzer or the trash can.

If you show them that you are an Authority on the subject, you can rank.

So how exactly do you do that?

…you’re going to need the secret sauce.

The Secret Sauce (aka How to Move Up in Search Rankings)

1 word. 5 letters.


The more links from other, relevant sites that you get to your site, the more Google believes your site is an Authority on that topic. Naturally, higher Authority sites get ranked higher for their respective search terms.

Every time you get a link to your site, its like the other site voted for you. So when Google sorts all of the pages that are relevant for “Electro Blog,” the one with the most votes ranks highest.*

In short-

The secret to boosting your rankings and getting more exposure for your site and becoming uber-famous on the interwebs is to get a lot of quality links, from other quality websites to your site.

There are many ways to do this, but once you start, you may find that getting links isn’t quite as easy as it sounds. And that’s why I wrote this blogpost. So we can scratch each other’s backs.

How Can We Help Each Other (the Good Stuff)

We have spent the past month working night and day to make The DJ Hookup the Best Rane Serato Store online. Therefore, any other DJ site that gets a link from us stands to benefit from a boost in search rankings and new eyeballs to their website.

And any site that gets a LOT of links from us will do even better.

Interested yet?

Here’s what to do.

Step 1: Post Our Link With Our Desired Link Text on Your Site

If you have a blog or website, copy and paste one of the following link codes into your Blog Roll, Sidebar, Footer, etc.

(I’m including 4 for you to choose from. You only need 1, but more is OK too!)

To display Buy Rane Serato, copy & paste the following:

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To display Buy Rane TTM 57sl Mixer, copy & paste the following:

<a title="Buy Rane TTM 57sl Mixer" href="http://thedjhookup.com/serato-mixers/rane-ttm-57sl-mixer.html">Buy Rane TTM 57sl Mixer</a>

To display Buy Rane Serato SL1, copy & paste the following:

<a title="Buy Rane Serato SL1" href="http://thedjhookup.com/serato-scratch-live/rane-serato-sl1-serato-scratch-live.html">Buy Rane Serato SL1</a>

To display Buy Rane Serato SL3, copy & paste the following:

<a title="Buy Rane Serato SL3" href="http://thedjhookup.com/serato-scratch-live/rane-serato-sl3-serato-scratch-live.html">Buy Rane Serato SL3</a>

NOTE: If you have ANY trouble with this, just post a comment below with your email and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Step 2: Let Us Know Where to Link Back To

In the comments section below, give us the site or page you want us to link back to AND the term that you are trying to rank for.

We will put your link in the Blogroll of this blog, which means that we won’t just give you 1 link, you will get a link from EVERY page in the blog. And everytime we make another blog post, you get more links! And everytime we get more links to our site, our links are worth more to YOU!

Let’s Get It!

There it is. That’s all we have to do to help each other out.

You can use this technique with anyone else that has a DJ-related blog or website and it will work just as well (actually, the more people you do it with, the better).

And make sure to tell them to exchange links with us as well!



*Grossly oversimplified for your benefit. If you care to learn more about this subject, check out SEOBook. Or hire me ;)

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Oh My God. We Made It.

It’s been a LONG month developing TheDJHookup.com, but we finally made it!

I was seriously starting to lose my mind.

Xander, Chief Executive DJ, Starting to Go Crazy During Development.

Xander, Chief Executive DJ, Starting to Go Crazy During Development.

But here we are, launching TheDJHookup.com.

Since this is a brand new site let me tell you a bit about TheDJHookup.

What is TheDJHookup?
How Will it Save Me Lot’s of Money on Gear?

Excellent question.

In 2005 I became an authorized dealer of Rane Serato products, mainly to hook up my friends with insane deals. After a while, I got pretty popular, but I was young and stupid back then, and eventually my dj gear company had to be put on the back burner because it was taking so much time.

Several years later, I’ve decided it’s time to give back to the DJ community again.

TheDJHookup.com is a site that my team of deadly ninjas has created to make sure you get the best price on Rane Serato Gear, NO MATTER WHAT.

Why Only Rane Serato Gear?

Man. You are killin it with good questions today!

  1. Rane / Serato makes the best most dependable products on the market.
    We’re not interested in selling people crap.
    We want to get people incredible deals on gear they will absolutely love.
  2. In order to get you the best prices, we’ve decided to focus on only a couple of very popular products. We are going to dominate the market Rane Products so we can fiercely outprice our competition.
  3. We’ve been Rane dealers for 5 years and they give us awesome prices.

Dope. So You Gonna Hook Me Up With Some Crazy Deals?

Of course.

As our Grand Opening Special, we’re offering


You Guys Are Awesome! How Can I Help?!

Wow! It’s only Day 1 and already so much love!

Here’s how you can help us out…

If you have a blog or website, it would really help if you put a link to our site in your blogroll/sidebar/footer/etc.

Basically, anywhere you have links on your site, we’d really appreciate if you’d give us one too!

Moreso it would really help if link text was one of the following terms:

  • Rane Serato
  • Serato Scratch Live
  • Buy Rane
  • Buy Serato
  • Etc.

This will help people find TheDJHookup when they search for terms relating to Rane Serato products.

Ok. Cool. But How Do I Actually Do That?

Here is some code you can copy and paste

This will produce a link that looks like this: Buy Rane Serato.

You can change the words “Buy Rane Serato” to anything else. You can even change them to “worst dj store ever,” but that would make us sad.

Hmm. I Don’t Have a Blog or Website. Anything Else You Need Help With?

Sure. Please share TheDJHookup with your friends on on Facebook, Twitter and any other social network you’re on.

Also, you can follow us on twitter or join our facebook group.

Enough About Us! Go Save Some Money!

Thanks for your interest in The DJ Hookup.

We promise we have many more deals and awesome things to come.

In the mean time, enjoy the site, and use these coupon codes to save some money!


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