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Catalog/Content Associate


The Role

We're looking for a highly motivated, detail-oriented self-starter to join the TDJH. The role includes two areas of responsibility, Catalog Management (primary) and Content Production (secondary).

Catalog Management relates to product data management, merchandising, channel management, and product life-cycle activities. From adding new products to the website, to processing modifications and discontinuations, you’ll be responsible for proper presentation of every product we carry online. The Catalog Associate is responsible for critical product details such as price, sales geography and shipping cost, so attention to detail is a must.

Content Production activities include writing custom product descriptions and creation of marketing content. A key responsibility of this role is drafting the monthly newsletter which informs our customers of discounts and new releases. Ability to carefully organize and edit content is crucial as this email reaches 50k+ DJs every month.

You’ll be able to work from anywhere in the world with stable internet.

Experience or familiarity with DJ/music production equipment preferred, but not strictly required.

We're looking to hire for this position soon. Initially, you'll work as an hourly contractor with future opportunity to become part time or full time hire.

Catalog Associate Responsibilities

  • Product Data Management - ownership of product descriptions, prices, and images
  • Product Lifecycle Activities - new releases/additions, updates, end-of-life, and discontinuations
  • Channel Management - managing listings and product data across 3rd-party sales channels such as Amazon, Ebay and Reverb
  • Merchandising - creation of product bundles/combos and related products
  • Market Research - researching potential new products and brands, exploring merchandising opportunities and competitor price checking
  • Product Categorization - creating and maintaining product categories to enhance site navigation and optimize ad spend
  • Brand Onboarding - intake new partner brands for presentation on our website

Content Associate Responsibilities

  • Drafting Monthly Newsletter - rationalizing promo data, writing content, and creating compelling images based on current month’s promotional offers
  • Custom Product Copywriting - writing product short descriptions and bundle descriptions
  • Other Content Creation/Marketing Activities will depend on abilities and interest of Associate

About You (Qualifications)

  • Extremely Detail Oriented - Imagine accidentally pricing a $1000 mixer for $100. Tiny detail, big consequences.
  • Self-Motivated. We are a distributed team and no one is looking over your shoulder. You’re timely and have a penchant for going above and beyond.
  • Integrity. You don’t cut corners and own your mistakes.
  • Ability to Follow and Document Processes. Accuracy and repeatability are difficult without a set of well documented processes. You’ll follow, refine and develop them.
  • Problem Solving and Critical Thinking. We’re looking for someone who can intelligently maneuver bumps in the road, not hit brick walls. You’ll have to navigate situations with incomplete information and process requests with dependencies that other team members may not be aware of. We’ll depend on you to consider relevant information and figure out optimal solutions.
  • Technologically Competent. You'll need to become familiar with our technology stack. It's not rocket surgery, but ability to quickly learn new tools and applications like Magento and our ERP are a must.
  • College-Level Written English. You’ll be crafting communications seen by thousands of people every day. The quality of your content should inspire trust with our customers and represent our brand and our manufacturers well.
  • Competence with Basic Office Software (eg. Excel or Google Sheets). ‘Nuff said.


  • 1-2 years working in professional environment or relevant experience
  • DJ/music production interest/experience
  • Creative writing, copywriting or online marketing experience
  • Experience with image editing/graphic design software (eg. Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator)
  • Basic HTML/CSS or other coding knowledge
  • Familiarity with e-commerce and related tools (e.g. Magento, Mailchimp, Ebay, Amazon)

About Us

The DJ Hookup is a retailer of DJ gear that puts customer experience above all else. We’re tech savvy, innovative, “cool,” current and we respect the culture and tradition of our craft.

We’re also the highest-rated DJ retailer online thanks to our great prices and experience that we deliver to every customer, every time.

We're looking for talented people to support our rapid growth.

If you'd like to do meaningful work that makes people happy, we're a great fit.

Compensation & Benefits

Locally competitive compensation depending on experience and qualifications.

Additionally, you’ll have -

  • Access to our entire catalog of top DJ/pro-audio brands at factory price.
  • Paid time off and flexible local holidays
  • Variety of personal development opportunities
  • Location independence, provided no disruptions in reliability

Opportunities for Advancement

We believe in meritocracy and rewarding team members who contribute and show promise.

As trust in the Catalog and Content Associate grows, so can the role and its responsibilities.

For Catalog, this means more oversight into our business rules for Amazon, Reverb and Ebay, contributing to site-wide editorial standards for our products and a general move from process execution to process design and ownership. Eventually the Catalog Associate could assume the role of the Catalog Manager, assuming the right level of capability and competence is demonstrated.

For Content, the opportunities are numerous including overseeing production of video and written resources, working with contributing writers and video creators, participating in publishing and promotion, contributing to social media marketing and community management.

How to Apply

Please send an email with subject line "Catalog/Content Associate February 18" to kevin@thedjhookup.com.

Inside, please answer the following 7 prompts:

  1. Name and phone number (Skype ID if outside of US)
  2. What is your immediate and near-term availability? If you have any scheduling limitations, please let us know.
  3. Tell us why you’re interested in this position and feel you're qualified. Address qualifications listed above.
  4. Please include desired salary (or salary of last position if unsure).
  5. Please include resume/CV or LinkedIn.
  6. We encourage you to submit any work samples or portfolio items that demonstrate ability to write clearly and succinctly, organize data, create presentable communications and so forth.

Applications must address prompts 1-5 for consideration!