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Daily Operations Associate


The Role

We're looking for an detail-obsessed, ambitious operations professional to join the TDJH. After we close a sale, you’ll own all aspects of logistics and fulfillment, coordinating between multiple warehouses and making sure each customer gets each order exactly as promised (to be clear, you will not be packing the boxes, but delegating who packs them and managing underlying processes).

Sales is where we make the promise of of A+ service. Operations is where we fulfill it.

You’ll be able to work from anywhere in the world with stable internet.

2-5 Years of operations, logistics, warehouse management, procurement, supply chain or similar experience strongly preferred.


  • Order Fulfillment Routing - You’ll delegate between several warehouses and distributors to make sure each order is promptly fulfilled every day
  • Daily Order Hygiene - You’ll oversee all daily orders for anomalies and issues that may result in late or improper fulfillment and resolve those issues
  • Process Ownership - You’ll be responsible for shipping, receiving, returns and restocking processes and making sure team members fulfill their roles properly. With time, you’ll take on the responsibility of process design and training.
  • Shipping Materials Purchasing - When necessary, you’ll order boxes, tape and other packaging materials so our warehouses have necessary supplies. (Inventory will be provided by warehouses).
  • Monthly Reporting - You’ll be responsible for monthly sales report and channel performance report (e.g. eBay, Amazon, Reverb.com)
  • Shipping/Payment/Etc. Vendor Management - You’ll be responsible for understanding the intricacies and processes of our operational partners, working with them to achieve goals/resolve issues and providing business recommendation back to our team.
  • Operational Liaison - You’ll be the communication link between our sales/support/management teams and our warehouses/operational partners.

About You (Qualifications)

  • Extremely detail oriented. Your work will ensure that every customer gets their order on time and as promised, every time. This consistency and reliability is the backbone of our service and experience-obsessed brand.
  • Self-motivated. We are a distributed team and no one is looking over your shoulder. You’re timely and have a penchant for going above and beyond.
  • Integrity. You don’t cut corners and own your mistakes.
  • Ability to follow and document processes. Accuracy and repeatability are difficult without a set of well documented processes. You’ll follow, refine and develop them.
  • Problem Solving and Critical Thinking. We’re looking for someone who can intelligently maneuver bumps in the road, not hit brick walls. You’ll have to navigate situations with incomplete information and process requests with dependencies that other team members may not be aware of. We’ll depend on you to consider relevant information and figure out optimal solutions.
  • Persistent, Realistic & Able to Tolerate Discomfort. Achieving results in operations is often about being a bulldog, following up until the job is done and standing your ground in negotiations. You should embrace the challenge of solving real problems in the real world that don’t have neat textbook answers, but produce the most meaningful results.
  • Excel is your your friend. You’ll need to regularly process large amounts of data. You should be able to navigate such challenges efficiently and be able to research solutions when you don’t know them. Other basic office software familiarity required as well.
  • Technological competence. You'll need to become familiar with our technology stack. It's not rocket surgery, but ability to learn new tools and applications like Magento and our ERP are a must.
  • Passionate About Operations. Paying attention to detail, standardizing processes, discovering efficiencies and coordinating between many operating roles isn’t for everyone, but it should be for you.
  • Eager to Work in Startup Environment. We have much less formal organization than corporate ops teams. This means your work makes a meaningful difference and the scope of responsibility is greater than being a cog in a corporate wheel.
  • Functional English. You don’t need to be shakespeare. We have many accents on our team, but you need to be able to communicate clearly with team members, partners and vendors.
  • 2-5 Years Experience in operations, logistics, warehouse management, procurement, supply chain or similar experience strongly preferred.


  • DJ/music production interest/experience
  • Negotiation skills
  • Experience navigating ERPs or other complex software or processes
  • Basic HTML/CSS or other coding knowledge
  • Familiarity with e-commerce and related tools (e.g. Magento, Mailchimp, Ebay, Amazon)

About Us

The DJ Hookup is a retailer of DJ gear that puts customer experience above all else. We’re tech savvy, innovative, “cool,” current and we respect the culture and tradition of our craft.

We’re also the highest-rated DJ retailer online thanks to our great prices and experience that we deliver to every customer, every time.

We're looking for talented people to support our rapid growth.

If you'd like to do meaningful work that makes people happy, we're a great fit.

Compensation & Benefits

Locally competitive compensation depending on experience and qualifications.

Additionally, you’ll have -

  • Access to our entire catalog of top DJ/pro-audio brands at factory price.
  • Paid time off and flexible local holidays
  • Variety of personal development opportunities
  • Location independence, provided no disruptions in reliability

Opportunities for Advancement

As trust in the Daily Operations Associate grows, this role will evolve into Senior Operations Associate or Operations Manager.

This means more ambitious projects and more participation in the company on a proactive, strategic level. Pending performance, you’ll become in charge of designing, deploying and managing operation projects and processes, selecting and negotiating with vendors and managing junior operational employees.

How to Apply

Please send an email with subject line "Daily Operations Associate 2018" to alex@thedjhookup.com.

Inside, please answer the following 6 prompts:

  1. Name and phone number (Skype ID if outside of US)
  2. What is your immediate and near-term availability? If you have any scheduling limitations, please let us know.
  3. In your words, please summarize what this role does and how it fits into our company.
  4. A paragraph or 2 about why you’re interested in and feel you're qualified for this role (addressing qualifications listed above)
  5. Please include desired salary (include salary of last position if unsure).
  6. Please include resume or LinkedIn.

Applications must address all 6 prompts for consideration!