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Denon DJ VL12 + Decksaver DS-PC-VL12 Cover Bundle

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Denon DJ VL12 Prime - Professional High Torque Turntable

VL12 Prime is a direct- drive professional DJ turntable. Recognizing the unfulfilled need in the DJ marketplace for a no- compromise, all original-tooled turntable that combines the superb isolation, audio performance and rugged construction that are so important to the demanding professional DJ, the Denon DJ VL12 Prime carves out an absolutely unique niche for itself in this dynamic and vital market segment. It’s the ultimate DJ turntable that professionals have hoped for, but it’s actually obtainable.

The VL12 Prime was designed and built from the ground up by Denon DJ to be the ideal professional DJ turntable. With heavy-duty all-metal construction and adjustable torque to fit any DJ style, the VL12 Prime cuts, scratches, and blends any music to perfection. Under the turntable are four special isolation feet, enabling the VL12 to resist vibration from almost any environmental source, even in very loud settings. Pitch is adjustable over a very wide range, from ±8% to ±50%, so the DJ can achieve the perfect tonal effect. Switchable Low and High torque settings ensure the ideal start-up with any record, and the precise S-shaped tone arm tracks any record perfectly, extracting every last bit of musical impact and detail. For a perfect finishing touch, the platter is ringed with RGB lighting, with custom control of brightness and color. This is a one-of-a-kind turntable with striking looks to match its extraordinary performance and build quality

Please see the Denon DJ VL12 product page for more details

Decksaver DS-PC-VL12 - Denon VL12 Prime Cover

The Decksaver Denon VL12 Cover is designed and engineered in the UK. Custom molded from super durable polycarbonate and finished in a slick smoked/clear hue. Simple push fit design shields tone-arm and other delicate components from accidental damage

Please see Decksaver DS-PC-VL12 product page for more details.

what's included
  • Denon DJ VL12
  • Decksaver DS-PC-VL12
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