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DMC 2014 - World DJ Championships

The Definitive Guide to
Supporting Team USA!

Graphics by Rice the Sound Transmitter of CTA, representing the USA in the World Team Championship
Support Team USA - Get the T-shirt Here
(100% of Proceeds go to CTA)

Why We Did This

The DMC is the oldest and most respected DJ competition in the world. It is the birthplace of legends like DJ Q-bert, Mix Master Mike, Grandmaster Roc Raida, A-Trak, DJ Craze, The X-ecutioners, and many more. It is the World Cup of the DJ world where competitors are judged based on skill and style above anything else.

As technology makes it easier for people to "get into DJing," we believe its more important than ever to support those working tirelessly for years on end to elevate the art-form, often for little to no pay. With corporate sponsors focussing on mainstream EDM festivals, it's important that the actual DJ community (that's you and I) support "the DJ's DJ" and not pass the buck.

We were surprised how hard it was to find info about the upcoming DMC world finals, so we created this resource so you can see what's going on and who is representing Team USA. MORE IMPORTANTLY, we've included a "How to Support" section for each of the 3 competitors so you can show them your support directly.

Please support each of the competitors and support the art form by sharing this guide.

With that said, let's get into it.

About The 2014 DMCs

When: October 5, 2014

Where: The Forum, London UK

Events: World Team Championship, World Individual Championships, Battle For Supremacy (explained below)

Representing Team USA: Chicago Turntablist Authority (CTA), DJ I-Dee, DJ IFTW (details below)

Official Site: http://www.dmcdjchamps.com/

Representing the US In
The World Team Championship
Chicago Turntablist Authority (aka CTA, Chicago, IL)

Support Team USA. Click here to get the T-shirt! (100% of Proceeds go to CTA)

About CTA

DJ Toltech, DJ Ambideckstriks and Rice the Sound Transmitter (RTST) are CTA. They bring decades of combined turntablism experience, and a number of smaller titles to the table. Their style emphasizes both technicality and musicality. They were chosen directly by the DMC selections committee to represent the US in the 2014 World Team Championships.

About the Event

The World Team event was the first to prove the turntable as true instrument by having DJs organize into bands. It's previous champions and notables include the Invisible Skratch Piklz (Q-bert, D-Styles, Mix Master Mike, Shortkut), The X-ecutioners (Roc Raida, Rob Swift, Mista Sinista, Total Eclipse), The Allies (Craze and A-Trak), the Scratch Perverts, C2C and Birdy Nam Nam.

Where to Follow

Facebook | Twitter

How to Support CTA needs your help getting to London!

Flights from Chicago to London are expensive and the team has to pay out of pocket.

Support Team USA by buying a t-shirt (100% of proceeds go to them). See front (above) and back (below).

Support Team USA. Click here to get the T-shirt!

Representing the US In
The World Individual Championship
DJ I-dee (Fairfax, VA)

About DJ I-dee

DJ I-dee needs no introduction to the battle scene. He is the 2014 DMC Online World Champion and has held 4 US titles since 2004. He is an established producers, having made records with Jean Grey, Royce Da 5'9", The X-ecutioners and more. He is widely acclaimed by media and DJs alike, with DJ Q-bert once saying, "just as b-boys are dancers, I-Dee reminds us that DJs are entertainers."

About the Event

The World Individual event is a showcase battle, with long routines that are scored by a panel of expert judges. The highest score wins. This event has evolved over the years, allowing competitors to choose their own mixer as well as select digital technologies. It is generally held as the DMC's most prestigious title.

Where to Follow

Blog | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | MixCloud

How to Support

I-dee has 2 albums and his signature trucker hat on sale here.

Also, check out his 2014 World Online Championship winning routine below.

Representing the US In
The World Battle for Supremacy
DJ IFTW (Inglewood, CA)


DJ IFTW has been at it since the 90s, starting out as a house and hip hop DJ. He's been battling almost as long and holds 2 US DMC Championship titles, once as part of 2012 Championship Team "Battle Star Massive."

About the Event

The World Battle for Supremacy is a bracket-style tournament, where DJs face off 1-on-1 exchanging 2-minute routines. It's the closest thing DJs have to an MC battle. It's particularly grueling as DJs will often swap routines on the fly to adapt to their opponents. Plus, routines cannot be reused from round to round. And it's vinyl only.

Where to Follow

Blog | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Sound Cloud

How to Support

We couldn't find anywhere where you can support DJ IFTW financially.

Meanwhile, check out this 2014 DMC Online Championship routine.

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