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Content/Social Media Marketing Intern


The Role

We're looking for an enthusiastic, bright young DJ to join our team in a role that that’s equal parts analytical, creative and effective. You’ll help develop, coordinate and execute marketing efforts and interface with the greater DJ community on our behalf.

You’ll be able to work from anywhere in the world with stable internet.

Experience and familiarity with DJ equipment is required. Previous marketing experience preferred, but not required.

We're looking to hire for this position in March. Pending successful internship, we'd like to extend you and offer to join our team either as an hourly contractor or outright hire.


  • Instagram/Facebook - You’ll be creating visual and written content, as well as curating community content, responding to direct messages and acting as a liaison for our sales/support teams on social media
  • Written/Video Content Production - You’ll write, edit, coordinate and publish written and video content
  • Content Promotion - You’ll execute content promotion campaigns to make sure the content we create reaches and benefits as many DJs & producers as possible
  • Community Management - You’ll participate in online communities on The DJ Hookup’s behalf, assisting other DJs and building good will in the community
  • PR/Media Relations - Create and strengthen our relationships with industry publishers. Help them achieve their goals, and help them help us.
  • Content Curation & Newsletter Creation - You’ll be responsible for creating and sending roundup newsletters of the best DJ content to our community of 50k+ DJs & producers
  • Research - You may be asked to research new products, brands, trends, competitors, etc.
  • Provide Product Knowledge - You may be asked to train or assist nontechnical team members with DJ-related questions
  • Help Pilot New Endeavors - We have 1,000 ideas and you probably do too. If you have the passion, skill and diligence to make it a reality, we want to empower you to do it.

About You (Qualifications)

  • Passionate, but Diligent. Marketing is 20% concept and 80% execution. We’re looking for someone who’s not only excited about the prospect of doing marketing for personal satisfaction, but also committed to seeing projects through for us and our community.
  • Self-motivated. We are a distributed team and no one will be looking over your shoulder. You’ll receive regular training and feedback, but you’ll own the responsibility of executing. You’re timely and have a penchant for going above and beyond.
  • Resourceful Problem Solver. You’re comfortable solving the problem “I don’t know” with “let me Google it” instead of “tell me what to do.”
  • DJ Literate. We believe good marketing is built on substance, not fluff. Therefore, you should be (or have been) a DJ, understand the culture/subcultures of DJing, be a quick study of new technologies and generally feel comfortable speaking in a circle of DJs.
  • College-Level Written English. Most good marketing begins with good writing, because good writing is good thinking. You’ll be crafting communications seen by thousands of people every day. The quality of your content should inspire trust with our customers and represent our brand and our manufacturers well.
  • Tasteful and Design Literate. You don’t have to be a “graphic designer,” but you should have an eye for what looks good and what doesn’t. We are a well designed brand and believe that good design in simple applications (e.g. social media, newsletters, etc.) is a small, but meaningful way to show our community that we care. Additionally, you should have an strong intuitive sense of what’s cool and what’s corny.
  • Social Media Literate. You should know what good/effective social media looks like (though we’ll help you hone that skill). As importantly, you should be familiar with the language/culture of the internets, including memes, common abbreviations, trends, etc. While we’re at it, your social profiles shouldn’t feature keg stands, bong rips or streaking through the quad.
  • Analytical, Curious and Open to Feedback. Marketing isn’t about you, it’s about them. We may try things that don’t work, and that’s ok. It’s important to prioritize the community and results over ideas to create more effective marketing initiatives. Also, using a project management system and spreadsheets shouldn’t scare you.
  • Collaborative Team Player. While you’ll be able to express and test many of your own ideas, it’s important that you remain open and interested in the ideas and priorities of our team. You can help realize them.
  • Patient and Tactful with People. You’re going to encounter people from every walk of life. You should be more curious about where they’re coming from than “winning” or pushing your own agenda. Our brand has certain aesthetic alignments, but we treat every DJ with respect and exist to help him/her achieve his/her goals.


  • Previous writing/contribution to a publication/blog/podcast/etc.
  • Previous digital marketing/promotional experience
  • Design/video production skills and experience with related software (e.g. Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Final Cut Pro)
  • Creative writing, copywriting or online marketing experience
  • Basic HTML/CSS or other coding knowledge
  • Familiarity with e-commerce and related tools (e.g. Magento, Mailchimp, Ebay, Amazon)
  • Additional language competency

Compensation & Benefits

This is an unpaid internship intended for college students or recent grads.

If you feel that you have sufficient experience and expertise to be considered a paid part-time marketing associate, please communicate this in your application.

You’ll work directly under and be mentored by CEO Alex Pyatetsky who spent 10 years DJing, organizing events, and performing side by side with legends of house and hip hop music. As a marketing and technology executive, he’s built numerous companies, including The HOTH, a marketing technology company that acquired in 2013, and advised and consulted many more. Since becoming CEO of The DJ Hookup in 2016, the company has 3x’d and become the highest customer-rated dj gear dealer online. He’s passionate about customer-centricity, scalable systems, creating content that makes a difference, building brands that people care about and doing what works and what’s needed instead of what’s popular.

This is an opportunity to gain experience that would usually only be available years into a career and learn what is not taught in school.

Additionally, you’ll have -

  • Access to our entire catalog of top DJ/pro-audio brands at factory price.
  • Variety of personal development and networking opportunities
  • Location independence, provided no disruptions in reliability.

Opportunities for Advancement

We believe in meritocracy and rewarding team members who contribute and show promise.

Accordingly, an ideal candidate would be looking to start a career with us.

Pending successful completion of training and sustained contribution, marketing intern can become a full or part time marketing associate. If interested, there’ll also be an opportunity to expand role into account management and consultative sales or deeper into technical aspects of marketing, such as SEO, SEM and product strategy.

How to Apply

Please send an email with subject line "Marketing Intern March 18" to alex@thedjhookup.com.

Inside, please answer the following prompts:

  1. Name and phone number (Skype ID if outside of US)
  2. What is your immediate and near-term availability? If you have any scheduling limitations, please let us know.
  3. Tell us why you’re interested in this position? How are you qualified? Address qualifications listed above.
  4. Please include resume/CV or LinkedIn.
  5. What’s your DJ/dj equipment experience?
  6. How would you describe The DJ Hookup’s brand/tone?
  7. What company’s marketing do you admire? Why?
  8. What aspects of marketing are you most excited about and most qualified to work on today?
  9. Please create 3 Instagram posts that you think would be worthy of living on @TheDJHookup’s timeline. Send us links to them (screenshots if your account is private).
  10. We encourage you to submit any other work samples or portfolio items that demonstrate ability to write well, create presentable communications, see through projects/campaigns and so forth.

Applications must address all 10 prompts for consideration!