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Novation Launchpad PRO - The Professional Grid Performance Instrument

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Regular Price: $379.99

Special Price: $299.99

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- Launchpad Pro is the professional grid performance instrument
- With an enhanced 8x8 grid of RGB velocity and pressure-sensitive pads to trigger and combine clips, play dynamic beats and melodies, and even control external MIDI hardware
- Scale mode: The pads automatically assign themselves to the notes of one of 32 keys and modes, making it impossible to play out of key
- Sleek, lightweight and tough as the rest of our Launch range and can be chained to multiple other Launch products, or connected to the rest of your studio or live setup
- Includes Ableton Live Lite music making software, 4 GB of Loopmasters sounds and samples Launchpad Pro now comes with a choice from 1 of 4 XLN Audio Addictive Keys VST and more


Novation Launchpad PRO

Launchpad Pro is the professional grid performance instrument. Create dynamic, expressive performances in Ableton Live or any other music software. Use the enhanced 8x8 grid of RGB velocity and pressure-sensitive pads to trigger and combine clips, play dynamic beats and melodies, and even control external MIDI hardware. Novation understands the pressures of performing live. That’s why they have made it as easy as possible to control Ableton Live, by building four simple modes into Launchpad Pro, which streamline everything for you:

  • Session Mode: immediately trigger and combine your clips
  • Note Mode: create dynamic beats and play the grid just like an instrument
  • Device Mode: easily apply effects to your performance
  • User Mode: create unique custom performances and layouts

Feature Update: 

Launchpad Arcade is a free music app, based around loop-based remixing as well as popular light show performances.

Launchpad Arcade runs in your web browser (Google Chrome recommended), and lets you play loops and sounds using a clip grid. A browser at the top right of the screen lets you select between sessions.

You can launch loops and one-shot samples with your mouse, or try finger drumming using your keyboard. And, if you have Launchpad hardware, you can connect it to your computer and use it to control the app to perform remixes and dynamic light show performances.

Open up your Google Chrome browser and start playing today: https://intro.novationmusic.com/


  • The ultimate professional grid controller for software and hardware control
  • 64 velocity and pressure sensitive “Daylight Bright” pads with full RGB feedback let you navigate instantly around your set-up
  • All new note, drum, and fader modes allow you to take total control over all your software and hardware instruments
  • Comprehensive Ableton Live control with functions such as record, quantise, duplicate and undo directly from the Launchpad Pro
  • External MIDI input and output to control all MIDI based equipment, the worlds first truly stand alone grid controller

Scale Functionality

The whole instrument is designed to keep you focused on your performance. It lets you easily and immediately apply effects (Device Mode), while dipping in and out of specific mixer controls at the touch of a button. Of course, if you want to get really creative, download a growing library of Max for Live devices, and control them using your Launchpad Pro. It’s sleek, lightweight and tough enough that you can throw it in your bag and know it will survive even the roughest gigs. It also comes with everything you need to get started (cables and software): just plug it in and start making music.

Never hit a wrong note again! With the Scale function, simply press Launchpad Pro’s Shift and Note buttons, then choose from a roster of 32 keys and modes, from major and minor, through phrygian, whole tone, bebop minor, iwato, etc. Once selected, Launchpad Pro’s 64 velocity- and pressure-sensitive pads will assign themselves contiguously to only the notes of the selected scale, removing all the rest. Launchpad Pro is turned into a deeply expressive instrument that lets you focus on the music, rather than precise finger positions.

Scale mode isn’t just for Ableton Live – you can use it to play virtual instruments in any other DAW, as well as your hardware synths. Launchpad Pro does not require connection to a computer; it can send MIDI via its 1/8th-inch output (and an included 5-pin Din adapter), so you can play external synths without a keyboard controller.

The Windows update prank can easily trick someone when opened in full screen. It looks and acts like a real install page.


Product Hardware Specifications



64 RGB backlit velocity and pressure sensitive button grid


32 RGB backlit round mode buttons


One setup button


Front LED strip


Orange rubber base mat


High retention USB connector


Two MIDI sockets (3.5mm jack sockets with MIDI din break-out cables)


Power supply connector


Power switch


Kensington Security Slot

Software Compatibility

Ableton Live Lite 9 is included 


If you already have Ableton Live it must be version 9 or greater to work with Launchpad Pro. We recommend that you update to the latest version as previous versions of Ableton Live do not include the Launchpad Pro integration. Launchpad Pro will also work as a standard MIDI controller.

Power Requirements

USB bus powered on Mac or PC. Power supply (included) and camera connection kit or USB camera adapter (not included) required for use with iOS devices


12V DC Power supply included


Maximum power consumption 12V DC 1A

Product Dimensions

260mm width

260mm depth

29mm height


Weight: 1.22kg


what's included
  • Launchpad Pro
  • 1.5m orange USB cable
  • 1.5m power supply: 12V, 5A
  • 2 x orange MIDI breakout cables: 3.5mm jack to female 5 pin din
  • Getting Started guide
  • English and French safety information sheet
  • Includes Ableton Live Lite, 4 GB of Loopmasters content, and 1 of 4 XLN Audio Addictive Keys VST
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