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PT01 Scratch "Portablist" Bundle

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- Portablist bundle with portable turntable, Mixfader, dock and case for the Mixfader
- Save big by purchasing these units together- If you do not need these items bundled, contact us for today's sale price on each individual item


Numark PT01 Scratch "Portablist" Bundle

The perfect bundle for serious portablists. 


  • Numark PT01 Scratch - Portable Turntable with DJ Scratch Switch
  • Mixfader - Wireless Portable Fader
  • Mixfader Dock 
  • Mixfader Case - For Mixfader Wireless Portable Fader

Bundle Components

Numark PT01 Scratch - Portable Turntable with DJ Scratch Switch

It’s a new era for DJs! With the PT01 Scratch portable turntable, you can scratch and cut—anywhere. Built with Numark’s exclusive Adjustable Scratch Switch™, PT01 Scratch enables you to grab your favorite scratch record (not included) and perform any turntablist scratch routine, whether you have access to AC wall power or you’re outdoors with your friends.

While keeping FRESH with a dope paint job, PT01 Scratch is designed for any DJ that is passionate for the art of turntablism and enjoy digging for vinyl records.

Please see Numark PT01 Scratch page for more details.

Mixfader - Wireless Portable Fader 

Mixfader is the world’s first wireless portable fader. It preserves the feel and grip of your everyday fader while opening up new creative perspectives for the art of turntablism. For the first time in the portable scratching history, a portable fader is compatible with both Timecode and standard audio vinyl.

Mixfader works like a typical DJ-mixer crossfader by easily adapting to your individual scratching technique. It features a double-sided cut so you can seamlessly scratch with either your left or your right hand. Whether you scratch regular or hamster (reverse), both sides of Mixfader are usable.It is also a fully functioning MIDI device that can be used with any production software. Simply choose your MIDI mode and assign the control change number of your choice from the accompanying Mixfader app.

Up to 7 Mixfaders can be connected at the same time! The midi functionality allows you to assign parameters such as pitch and filter effects to different faders across your rig.

Please see Mixfader product page for more details.

Mixfader Dock - Dock Designed For Numark PT01 Scratch

Replace the switch of your Numark PT01 Scratch with Mixfader thanks to the Mixfader Dock, specially conceived to fit your PT01 design.

The Mixfader Dock will let you find the feel and grip of a crossfader when scratching on your Numark PT01 Scratch. Simply unscrew the switch, screw the Mixfader Dock instead, and place your Mixfader. The Mixfader Dock perfectly fits the PT01 design and has been conceived to match your Mixfader and maintain it no matter how hard you cut.

Please see Mixfader Dock product page for more details.

Mixfader Case - For Mixfader Wireless Portable Fader

Keep your Mixfader protected with the Mixfader Case. Custom designed for the Mixfader, this reinforced soft-case is great for travel, daily commuting, or keeping everything organized. Thanks to its inside casual & light upholstery that embraces the shape of your Mixfader, the Mixfader Case prevents scratches and dust from collecting. You will also find inside an additional storage for all your accessories such as USB cables. Also, pass a ring through its sturdy nylon buckle located at the back for a broader range of transport/travel options.

Please see Mixfader Case product page for more details.

what's included
  • PT01
  • Mixfader
  • Mixfader Dock
  • Mixfader Dock
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