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Reloop Terminal Mix 4 - 4 Channel DJ Controller For Serato DJ

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- 4-deck performance controller designed specifically for SERATO DJ 
- Features 15.5 cm XXL platters enhanced with a non-slip vinyl-grip
- Integrated 4-channel USB audio interface with designated filter knobs and fader start
- Plug'n'Play ready with inlcuded Serato DJ Intro and a Virtual DJ 4-Deck LE (Reloop Edition)
- Traktor Pro 2 mappings also available



Reloop is proud to present its first digital mixing controller designed especially for Serato: Terminal Mix 4.


  • 4-deck SERATO DJ performance controller
  • Integrated 4-channel USB audio club interface
  • Plug''n''Play: Connect your computer and mix your MP3s
  • Designed for the world''s leading mixing software developer SERATO
  • Large transport section with all-new smooth-touch rubber buttons
  • Newly developed ultra-flat XXL jog platters with vinyl-grip surface
  • Ergonomically arranged mixer/CD player design for quick and easy access
  • 4-channel club mixer design with designated filter knobs and fader start
  • Crossfader curve & assign switch on the front
  • Large 14 bit 100mm pitch fader with range and keylock functions
  • Mouse-less playlist management control
  • Versatile controls for effects, smart looping, hot cues and sampler
  • Performance section prepared for individual live remixing updates (Cut''n''Slice)
  • Stereo RCA input (with phono pre-amp) for hooking up a CD player or turntable with flexible routing control (into the software or to master)
  • 6.3 mm microphone input jack with volume and equalizer control
  • Power House Interface: Boost your PA with balanced 6,3mm jack outputs or unbalanced stereo RCA outputs
  • Stereo RCA booth outputs for extra DJ monitors
  • 2 headphones connections: 3.5 mm & 6.3 mm stereo for whatever plug is convenient including equalizer control
  • Shift buttons for second layer controls including shift lock feature
  • All controls in club size and quality
  • Altogether 111 MIDI controllers (60 buttons, 7 faders, 7 push encoders, 31 turning knobs, 4 switches, 2 touch-sensitive jog wheels)
  • Controller is compatible with every MIDI-learning software
  • USB bus powered: Terminal Mix 4 can be powered via USB (power supply optional)
  • Anti-theft device: Kensington safety slot
  • CORE/ASIO drivers with minimum latency and high-quality audio characteristics (Mac/PC)
  • Mac OSX and Windows XP/Vista/7 compatible
  • 4-deck mapping available for Traktor PRO 2
  • Comes ''Plug''n''Play'' ready with Serato DJ Intro & 4-Deck Virtual DJ 7 LE (Reloop edition)


By introducing the Terminal Mix 4, Reloop has broken new ground once again with this fully integrated 4-channel mixer* offering a wealth of features, including 3-fold EQ with intelligent kill technique* and filter modulation capabilities per channel. Any of the 4 channels can be easily assigned to the crossfader via the controls on the front panel, where you will also be able to adjust the crossfader curve.

In addition to the popular Trax Encoder, the master section is now equipped with four convenient management buttons which allow direct access to playlists, crates or further layout views without the need to touch your laptop. This means a desired track can be located and loaded instantly into any deck via the designated load buttons - a fader start* function can also be activated if desired.


As a further highlight, Reloop has developed brand new ultra-flat aluminium jog platters which with an impressive XXL diameter of 15.5 cm have also been enhanced with a non-slip vinyl-grip coating for even more control over your tracks. With a total of 3 modes (Pitch Bend/Vinyl/Quick Search) it's possible to easily switch between pitch correcting, scratching, or browsing through tracks on the fly.


The entire transport section is fully equipped with rubberised buttons which offer a comfortable pressure point whilst also being extremely durable.

The performance section* features an extensive 8-button layout which can be utilised over 2 separate layers for true versatility. On the first layer 4 hot cues can be fired off and 4 sample decks can be triggered simultaneously. Depending on the software used, other creative possibilities are available, for example the option of accessing hot cues/samples 5-8 on the second layer - or with future software updates this section can be enhanced even further with brand new performance modes (Cut'n'Slice) for live remixing.

The extensive FX section is equipped with 4 buttons, 3 rotary knobs, and 1 endless encoder to provide even more creative possibilities in the mix. The smart loop section also features 4 independent controls allowing users to quickly set beat-precise loops, adjust the size of the loops and even move the loops whilst in a live situation.

Reloop also listened to the requests by many DJs and for the first time has integrated a 14 bit pitch fader with 100mm increments, allowing ultra-precise mixing and blending.


The audio section offers a vast array of connecting possibilities for your master PA (including balanced output jacks), a zone function and a DJ booth system. Also very practical are the 2 headphones connections (6.3 mm & 3.5 mm) which can be adjusted with a 1-band equalizer. A microphone connection with a 1-fold EQ for MCs, hosts or singers has also been integrated and can be adjusted via a flexible routing switching system. Furthermore, it's possible to connect a turntable, CD/MP3 player, or iPhone/iPod to the Aux input which can be routed to the master or even software!


Terminal Mix comes Plug'n'Play ready with Serato DJ Intro and a Virtual DJ 4-Deck LE (Reloop Edition). Traktor Pro 2 mappings are also available.

Check in at Terminal Mix 4.

*Some features are only available with a software Pro version.



Mixer section:

  • Classic 4-channel design
  • 1x Pro Longlife crossfader with adjustable crossfader curve
  • 4x volume controllers with Pro Longlife linefaders
  • 4x 3-band equalizer knobs
  • 4x gain turning knob
  • 4x filter knob

Player section:

  • 2x 15.5cm touch-sensitive, two-part jog wheels for scratching, cueing, etc.
  • Different jog modes (Scratch & Pitch Bend, Quick Search)
  • 2x high-resolution 100mm 14-bit pitch faders without locking position
  • 1x assignable encoder, 3x assignable knobs, 4x buttons for effect control
  • Unicoloured, glistening red illumination

Master section:-Cue mix, headphones volume, sampler volume and master control

  • Extra large Trax encoder for quick and easy music library browsing (with 4 load buttons)
  • 2x 8-bar LED chain (master L+R)
  • Dimensions: 515 x 44 x 320 mm
  • Weight: 4.65 kg (net)
  • Incl. Serato DJ Intro & Virtual DJ LE 4-Deck Reloop Edition and USB cord

System Requirements MAC:

  • Mac OS X 10.6.8+
  • 32bit: Intel 2.0 Ghz Core 2 Duo, 1 GB RAM
  • 64bit: Intel 2,4 Ghz Core 2 Duo, 4 GB RAM
what's included
  • Terminal Mix 4 Controller
  • Serato DJ Intro
  • Virtual DJ LE 4-Deck Reloop Edition
  • USB cord
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