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Roli Seaboard Rise 25 Expressive MIDI Keyboard Controller

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- 25-key expressive multi-dimensional MIDI controller
- Seamless hardwares-software integration
- Beautifully crafted using premium materials
- Sleek, intuitive design accessible to musicmakers of all technical levels
- Completely wireless with MIDI over Bluetooth
- Internal battery with up to twelve hours of playability
- Bundled with Equator, a multidimensional software synthesizer


ROLI Seaboard RISE 25

25-Key Expressive Keyboard Controller

Seaboard RISE is the world’s first truly accessible expressive MIDI controller. It establishes a new standard in music-making devices by combining the intimacy of acoustic instruments with the versatility of electronic music. Paired with Equator, the powerful software synthesizer, the Seaboard RISE unlocks unprecedented creative possibilities for contemporary musicians in a joyfully-crafted evolution of the keyboard.


Start in piano mode and then explore new dimensions of touch interaction. Begin with even the most basic keyboard technique and grow from there. Customize sensitivity to match your own playing style.


Use with a variety of software and hardware synthesizers as well as the Equator bundle included with RISE. Simulate the authentic dynamic range of any instrument to breathe new life into your favorite sounds. Personalize patches using the touch sensitive trackpad and faders.


Create new sonic possibilities by mapping sound parameters to unique gestures. Perform and record tracks with subtle and sensual details that previously required post-production. Push the boundaries of music with an instrument that marries tradition with innovation.


Free yourself from cables using built-in MIDI over Bluetooth with up to 8 hours of continuous play. Enjoy the craftsmanship of a world-class instrument made of the best materials and built to last. Touch and shape sound timbres in an astonishingly direct and intuitive way.


  • Seamless hardware/software integration
  • 25 Keywaves
  • Silicon rubber keywaves transcend the rigid mechanics of a traditional piano style keyboard
  • Sleek, intuitive design accessible to music makers of all technical levels
  • Intuitive strike, bend, and press gestures to control multiple parameters on each note, completely independently
  • Customize sensitivity to match playing style
  • Map sound parameters to unique gestures
  • Completely wireless with MIDI over Bluetooth
  • Full MIDI compatibility over USB and Bluetooth
  • Internal battery with up to twelve hours of playability
Keys 25 Keywaves
Dimensions/Weight 19.88 x 8.27 x 0.9 inches / 6.17 lbs (505 mm x 210 mm x 22.86 mm / 2.8 kg).
Inputs Continuous pedal input (1/4” jack).
Accessories USB B port (MIDI out and power) USB A port (for charging peripherals).
Power Supply 9–12V 2A DC port/ Internal battery (12-hour playability).
System Requirements     - OS X 10.8+ / Windows 7+ / iOS 7+.
- Intel Core i5 2.5GHz or faster recommended.
- 4 GB RAM minimum 8 GB RAM recommended.
- 2 GB available disk space for Equator installation.
- USB 2.0+ port for USB compatibility.
what's included
  • ROLI Seaboard RISE 25
  • USB Cable
  • Protective Case
  • Product Registration Card
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