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Serato 12" Cursed Control Vinyl - "Fangs Under the Full Moon!" / "Terror from the Black Lake!" (Pair)

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2x12" Serato Vinyl Gatefold Blood-curdling designs
- Disc 1 Bestial brown, Disc 2 Ghoulish green


12’ Control Vinyl pressing for Serato DJ and Scratch Live using Serato’s NoiseMap™ Control Tone

Forget the Pumpkin spiced candy, these turntables treats will keep bloodsuckers boppin’ and ghouls grinding to your dancefloor monsters. 

The Cursed CV are strictly limited and are shaping to be a graveyard smash - when they’re gone, they’re gone. Fangs very much. 

Vinyl is a strange old girl. The manufacturing process - one part sweat, one part maths and one part magic, is not an exact science. While every record pressed is a high quality product and will perform flawlessly, there can be some variation in the color throughout a run. Every record is unique.
what's included
  • Pair of 12" Serato control vinyl
    • Disc 1 Bestial brown
    • Disc 2 Ghoulish green
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