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Technical Product Owner/Project Manager


The Role

We're looking for an experienced problem solver to take our product ideas and see them to fruition. As product owner, you’ll be responsible for collecting and prioritizing requirements, maintaining our technical project management environment, interfacing with developers and technology vendors, QAing solutions and overseeing release cycles.

You’ll be able to work from anywhere in the world with stable internet.

2-4 years experience in similar role preferred.

We're looking to hire for this position soon. Initially, you'll work as an hourly contractor with future opportunity to become a dedicated part time or full time team member.


  • Collect Business Requirements - you’ll collaborate with management to determine most needed features, products and and help distill them into a prioritized backlog.
  • Translate Business Requirements into Technical Specs - you’ll need to turn our business needs into executable user stories & developer-facing communications.
  • Quality Assurance - You’ll be responsible for accounting for dependencies, relevant use cases and expected results and testing all developer deliverables to make sure they work as expected.
  • Overseeing Agile Project Management and Release Cycles - You’ll own sprints/release cycles and oversee stories/projects as they move from backlog to on deck to sprint to deployment and post-deployment, when necessary.
  • Vendor Evaluation and Interface - You’ll collect requirements and evaluate various solutions, deliver assessments to management and oversee implementations.
  • Product Insights - As you learn our business, we welcome input on how we can better serve our customers and achieve our goals.

About You (Qualifications)

  • Considerate and Clear Communicator. You will be the bridge between many roles in our company and the ability to internalize concepts and translate them into the language of various stakeholders is a must.
  • Self-motivated. We are a distributed team and no one will be looking over your shoulder. You’re timely and have a penchant for going above and beyond.
  • Resourceful Problem Solver. You’re comfortable solving the problem “I don’t know” with “let me Google it/figure it out” instead of “tell me what to do.” Also, you’re a wizard with annotated screenshots, screencasts, screenshare calls and similar low tech, but effective tools.
  • Organized Project Manager. You are familiar with Agile and related project management frameworks and are comfortable taking the lead in their implementation/oversight.
  • UX Savvy/User Centric. Our company is known for caring about people. Our technical products and solutions need to embody that care. Your work should be fueled by a care for people as well.
  • Extremely Attentive to Detail. Our business has numerous dependencies/moving parts. It’s important that you learn them, accurately account for them and make sure that all aspects of technical products are as intended.
  • Results Focused. We are not looking for a master of Gant Charts. We are looking for a master of Getting Things Done. Your priority should be the development and release of desired features even when obstacles or imperfect situations present themselves.
  • Startup Stack Literate. We’re a lean team using primarily open source technologies (LAMP-Magento). You should be familiar with such context and comfortable without enterprise consultants or similar big-business resources.
  • Ability to Follow and Document Processes. Your work should benefit our entire team and not live in a silo. To that end, it must be well documented so other team members can navigate and benefit from it.


  • Experience in geographically distributed teams
  • Experience in ecommerce (especially with Magento)
  • Experience with fixed-width to mobile/responsive migration
  • Basic HTML/CSS savvy
  • Photoshop and basic image editing skills
  • DJ/DJ culture experience
  • Additional language competency

About Us

The DJ Hookup is a retailer of DJ gear that puts customer experience above all else. We’re tech savvy, innovative, “cool,” current and we respect the culture and tradition of our craft.

We’re also the highest-rated DJ retailer online thanks to our great prices and experience that we deliver to every customer, every time.

We're looking for talented people to support our rapid growth.

If you'd like to do meaningful work that makes people happy, we're a great fit.

Compensation & Benefits

Locally competitive compensation depending on experience and qualifications.

Additionally, you’ll have -

  • Access to our entire catalog of top DJ/pro-audio brands at factory price.
  • Location independence, provided no disruptions in reliability

Opportunities for Advancement

We believe in meritocracy and rewarding team members who contribute and show promise.

This role could become a full time product manager, including greater influence and strategy and product direction.

How to Apply

Please send an email with subject line "Technical PO/PM ‘18" to alex@thedjhookup.com.

Inside, please answer the following prompts:

  1. Name and phone number (Skype ID if outside of US)
  2. What is your immediate and near-term availability? If you have any scheduling limitations, please let us know.
  3. Tell us why you’re interested in this position and feel you're qualified. Address qualifications listed above.
  4. Please include resume/CV or LinkedIn.
  5. Please include desired salary (or salary of last position if unsure).
  6. Please submit work samples or portfolio items that demonstrate qualifications above.

Applications must address all 6 prompts for consideration!