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Create a Wishlist & Get the Gifts You Want.

Buying gifts for DJs and producers is hard. Getting gifts you don't want is frustrating and uncomfortable.

Make it easy on your loved ones. Create & share your wishlist at The DJ Hookup.

Here's how -

  1. Click here and log into your TDJH account (Or create a new one. Takes 2 seconds. No personal info needed).

  2. Browse the website and click the ♥ icon on all products you want to add to your wishlist. You can even select the exact colors, combos and configurations you want so your loved ones don't have to guess later.

  3. Navigate to "My Wishlist" in the header and click on it. At the bottom of your Wishlist, choose "Share Wishlist." Enter the emails of anyone that may be gift shopping for you this year, click Send and you're done!

Your recipients will get a clean, easy to navigate email in their inbox that includes your wishlist, photos, prices, and TDJH customer service information to help them with anything they need.