The Monday Morning Podcast #1: Big Once, Trentino, Sleeper

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Introducing, The Monday Morning Podcast


Every weekend, adoring fans look up to their favorite DJs and music producers like rockstars and gods. But every Monday morning, they wake up and go to work like humans. The Monday Morning podcast, presented by, is a place for aspiring DJs and producers to hear candid, hype-free conversations with the artists they admire most.

As the DJ community grows world wide, The Monday Morning Podcast offers artists a chance to speak openly and honestly about their lives and careers and listeners to learn from their wisdom and experience.

TL;DR – We felt like the DJ industry needed more honest conversations. So we started having them. We hope you enjoy.


About The Guests

The first installment of The Monday Morning Podcast features 3 champion DJs, Big Once, Trentino and Sleeper. We cover everything from getting Adidas and Redbull to care about your work, to the transition from DJing to production and finally, why you should never listen to your college girlfriend about your career.

Trentino –

Red Bull Thre3style US Champion and Chicago Sun Times’ #1 DJ (Sun Times’ #6 in the US) has been producing music for just as long as he has been gracing the turntables, and playing drums for even longer. While Thre3style put him on the world stage, his passion for house music inspired by his home city of Chicago is what will keep him there.

Big Once –

Scratch Academy instructor, 1/2 of BOAT (Big Once And Trentino) and 2011 Red Bull Thre3style US Champion. With fifteen years behind the turntables, Big Once has cultivated a unique style that is deeply rooted in hip­hop, but touches every genre imaginable on any given night. Internationally renowned for his live remixes and world­class turntablist skills, Big Once has graced the biggest stages in the world including Lollapalooza, SXSW, Spring Awakening and Bunbury. He’s performed along side everyone from A­Trak to Roy Ayers, Zeds Dead to Z-­Trip.

Sleeper –

One of the top 8 DJs on the planet in the 2006 World Series Turntable Championship, his music has been featured on ESPN, MTV, TED & URB Magazine. Sleeper is one of the modern pioneers of multimedia DJing. He was the first DJ to get over 1,000,000 views on YouTube in 2009 and the first VJ to grace the TED conference stage. His music has brought him all over North America, South America, Asia, Europe & the Caribbean. DJ performances include artists/clients such as Ludacris, Common, Mix Master Mike, Wyclef Jean, BT, David Beckham, Ryan Sheckler, Travis Pastrana, etc. Other clients and partners include Adidas, Red Bull, Live Nation and Spitkicker.



This was our first episode. It was far from perfect. We learned a ton making it and already have an awesome lineup of future guests for you.

BUT WE NEED YOUR INPUT. Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

What did you like? What didn’t you like? What do you want more of? Less of? Who would you like to on future shows?

This is all for you!

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Discussions from the Community.
  1. SonicAnvil says:

    I have not even listened to this yet.
    So my comment is this : This podcast should be what people NEED to hear and not what they WANT to to hear.
    The problem to me is too many podcasts,blogs and forums are one note conversations with pithy remarks and very little actual information exchange.
    Then someone gets mad and starts a flame-war or unleashes porn-spam.
    That said I will now listen hoping for something not of the status quo.

  2. Xander says:

    @SonicAnvil – Thanks for the thoughtful comment. We don’t have a single agenda/curriculum besides exposing people to a variety of qualified view points, backed by years of experience and dedications.

    Our goal is definitely to provide something for you to sink your teeth into. That’s why we’re going with the longer format. We know that real wisdom isn’t exchange in sound bytes or tightly edited promo reels. It takes time.

    Did you get a chance to listen? What’d you think? We’re definitely aiming for well above the status quo.

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