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Secure Any Deal With 10% Down Layaway.
Pay Over 90 Days. No Approval Needed!*

Layaway is an easy way get to the deals you want without financining or approval. Put 10% down today and you have 90 days to pay the balance. Order ships when paid in full.

To Setup Layaway

  1. Add items to cart.

  2. In cart, select "Proceed to Checkout."

  3. Checkout as usual. When you get to "Payment Information," select "Purchase Order." You'll be prompted for a PO#. Enter "10% Down."

  4. Your layaway request will be processed within 1 business day. Upon processing, you'll be emailed 2 PayPal invoices, one for 10% down, the other for the balance. Note: PayPal account not required to pay invoices.

  5. Your order will enter layaway upon payment of 10% Downpayment. You may pay the second invoice in as many instalments as you wish over the following 90 days. Order will ship when paid in full.

Do I Need a PayPal Account?

No. PayPal invoice is a secure way to pay with any credit or debit card. If you wish, you may pay with a PayPal account, but it's not required.

What If I Can't Pay in 90 Days?

To request an extension of your layaway period, please email sales@thedjhookup.com with order number in subject line. Most layaways are extendable.

If you do not request an extension, any partial payments made towards your layaway will be converted to store credit at the end of layaway period. There's no charge or penalty for this.

For refund to original form of payment, please contact sales@thedjhookup.com with your order number in subject line.

Can I Put Less Than 10% Down?

For orders over $100, you can put as little as 5% down. To do this, enter PO# "5% Down" in Step 3 of instructions above.

Questions About Layaway?

For help with layaway, contact us on Live Chat or Email or call +1 (312) 663-TDJH [8354].