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Our Painless, 90-Day Return Policy

Straight forward, easy returns for 3 months from date of purchase. Reasonable restocking rates*.

Easy 3-Step Return Process

  1. Within 90 days of shipping, fill out Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) form. Allow 1 business day to receive RMA number.

  2. Re-pack item(s) in their original packaging, including all manuals, disks and accessories, as you received them. If manufacturer's box/packaging was shipped to you inside of a larger box, make sure to ship your return the same way.

  3. Return item(s) with RMA Number back to us with Signature Confirmation. After inspection, products in like-new or better condition will receive a quick refund, minus 10-20% restocking fee (Click to See Restocking Fee Details).

Terms of Returns

  • Please allow 5 business days for return processing.
  • Returns must be received within 90 days of purchase date. RMA becomes invalid after this period.
  • Any item returned without a valid Return Authorization Number and not claimed within 30 days will be discarded.
  • Shipping and Handling not refundable.
  • The DJ Hookup does not offer return shipping.
  • Defective items are treated as Warranty Replacements, serviced by our Customer Service department, not as Returns by our Returns Department. Click here to learn about defective item replacement.

Products That Can't Be Returned

  • Items without a valid Return Authorization (See "Easy 3-Step Return Process," above)
  • Items sold as "Clearance"/"Open Box" or similar promotion
  • Items that has sustained physical or accidental damage
  • Media, such as Vinyl Records, CDs, etc.
  • Turntable Cartridges and needles.
  • Any product used at your mouth or ear due to sanitary issues, including, but not limited to: headphones, microphones, breath-controlled instruments, etc.
  • Pure software products that are sold separately from hardware, as required by Copyright Law
  • Spare parts (e.g. knobs, faders, stickers, etc.)
  • Out of Production / Special Order Items.
  • Items sold as part of a bundle. Bundles must be returned in their entirety, including all items. Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis. Items in a bundle are valued at a discounted price from their individual sale price. Value after bundle discount will be determined at The DJ Hookup's sole discretion.

Restocking Fees

Why Restocking Fees /

Maintaining trust with our customers is our top priority. That means communicating clearly and honestly. If we sell an item as New, it must be absolutely, never-been-touched-since-the-factory New.

This means that products returned to us cannot be resold as New in good-faith, because they're not. Even if you only opened the box one time, looked around and browsed through the manual, to the next DJ or Producer, this item is no longer New. As a result, if you return a functioning piece of equipment, we must resell it as Used to the next customer, even if it still looks, sounds and smells great.

This is the level of honesty you expect from us. And it's the level of honesty we extend to all of our customers.

Since gear returned to us must be deeply discounted to be resold as Used, in addition to our cost of packaging, shipping and handling, we have to charge a restocking fee. This makes our extremely generous return policy viable. It's also the reason why so many pro-audio retailers don't allow returns at all.

But we figure you'd prefer our way.

Restocking Rates /

Condition Description Restocking Rate

Manufacturer's box still sealed 10%
Like-New Open-box, original packaging, no visible wear, all manuals, accessories, etc. present 20%
Used Missing original packaging, manuals or accessories. Visible wear. 20+% - Determined After Inspection
Defect Item is malfunctioning or damaged out of box. See Defect Handling, below. N/A

Regarding Orders Financed by Affirm /

If you are returning an item financed by Affirm, any interest paid is non-refundable. Non-refundable interest has no impact on above restocking fees.

FAQ: What if my item is damaged or defective?

To get you the best help with your issue, manufacturing defects will first be addressed with the respective manufacturer's Warranty Department. Manufacturers employ the best technicians to assist you and determine if your item is truly defective or damaged.

Per manufacturer's warranty department, either manufacturer or TDJH will replace defective unit with a functioning one.

If manufacturer delegates fulfillment to us and you no longer want the same model, we'll be happy to issue store credit for the full price of original item.

FAQ: What if I ordered the wrong item?

The standard return policy applies. Even in situations where the wrong product is purchased, we still need to cover the cost of shipping, packaging, inspecting and restocking the item. And again, your product must be represented as "Used" to the next person that buys it. Without restocking fees, our generous return policy is not viable, regardless of the reason for return.

FAQ: What if my item is returned because I don't accept it from carrier?

The greater of 10% restocking fee or cost of shipping there and back applies to the return without exception.

Every time you purchase from us, we accept a number of costs including packaging, handling and shipping. As our friend and customer, we're happy to do this for you. However, if you do not accept your package, it is returned to us at our expense and all of those costs double. Therefore, we have to charge a restocking fee. It's the only way our free shipping and 90-day return policies are sustainable.

You're responsible for receiving your shipment, so please make sure you or someone else will be available to do so at your shipping address or communicate with carrier (e.g. UPS, USPS or DHL) about when/where your package can be picked up.

Have Questions about our 90-Day Return Policy?

Email returns@thedjhookup.com or call us at +1 (312) 663-TDJH [8354] and we'll get back to you right away!